What a Marketer to Do When You Can’t Go Anywhere?

Marketing during Coronavirus

With many vital marketing and business development programs and tools, such as conferences, events and tradeshows coming to a screeching halt, powering up your company’s marketing is essential for its ability to survive and thrive in the coming months.

Use the time your team is not attending conferences, tradeshows and in-person networking to revisit those marketing essentials that always get pushed to the back burner. Whatever the future holds, it’s critical to be ready, and if there were the “right time” to strengthen your brand and marketing, it’s now!

  • Revisit and adjust your content and social media strategy and plan. What timely, useful content should you publish to stay relevant and top of mind?
  • Rethink your content delivery. What information is the most useful to your customers right now? Can you take your planned lunch-n-learns and educational programs virtual?
  • Is your website primed for carrying on your company’s marketing and business development activity? With limited in-person interactions, your website is more important than ever – audit and update your only 24/7 marketer not affected by social distancing.
  • Make sure everyone’s LinkedIn profile is up to date. We are seeing increased LinkedIn activity and it’s imperative that your company page and key employees’ profiles are current and fully optimized. Now is the perfect time to facilitate employee LinkedIn training and encourage everyone to share your company’s content. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s employee notifications feature to amplify your communications’ reach and impact.
  • Is your brand up for the challenge? Spend time on brand research and conduct a brand audit to ensure your brand can thrive in any business environment and under any circumstances. With “digital noise” on the rise, your brand – its strategic foundation, distinct character and all expressions have to work even harder to engage, differentiate and demonstrate value.
  • Have you been putting off developing a company-wide CX strategy and conducting a CX audit? Customer (and Employee) Experience is even more critical when most interactions have gone virtual. What are you doing to maintain your culture when everyone is remote? How are you making your customers’ and employees’ lives easier?
  • Were you ready for taking your business virtual? If not, now is the time to take an honest look at how your company operates and rethink the role that digital transformation plays in your company’s long-term success.

The Substance151 team is here to help. We’ve been set up for remote/virtual work for 15 years and are not letting Coronavirus slow us down! Please use these free online resources to get you through your “must-do” list and don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can do to help your team stay on track.

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