Knowledge Is Revenue: How to Conduct Killer Customer and Competitor Research

It’s no surprise that two of the eight rules in the New Rules of Branding are dedicated to conducting in-depth research. Specifically, they underscore the importance of conducting meaningful customer research and using today’s tools to get better competitor intel.


brand research

Although there’s no question about the importance of performing research in order to create brand differentiation and relevance, traditional methods of collecting intel are no longer effective in delivering the depth of knowledge that today’s effective branding and marketing demand.

So, the big question isn’t why you should do it, but how.

How should companies conduct research so that they end up with meaningful and useful information that not only strengthens their brands but also improves their bottom line?

Follow the links below to learn how your company can become unbeatable by conducting killer research.

What You Don’t Know Can Kill Your Brand: Deep Dive into Customer Research

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Knowledge Is Revenue: How to Conduct Killer Competitor Research

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