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Below, please find the presentation slides for my session “Agile Marketing – A Path to Faster, Smarter, More Effective Marketing” and some additional resources.

Agile Marketing brings about 130,000,000 results in Google search and it’s no surprise. Being flexible – the actual dictionary definition of the word “agile” – is a must to survive the daily challenges of a marketing department.

  • It’s about working smarter and more efficiently
  • It’s about acting on priorities instead of reacting to fire drills
  • It’s about doing the right work at the right time

The Agile approach helps marketers manage change more effectively, get work in the hands of internal and external customers faster – all while feeling empowered to do more fulfilling, valuable work that matters.

I think we all can agree that this is a pretty compelling value proposition!

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Ida Cheinman

Download slides: Agile Marketing – A Path to Faster, Smarter, More Effective Marketing.
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The Agile Marketing Manifesto
The Ultimate Agile Dictionary

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