Thank You For Attending "From Millennials to Gen Z: Reaching the Next Generation of Decision Makers" at ACEC’s 2019 Fall Conference!

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Below, please find the presentation slides and some additional resources for my session “From Millennials to Gen Z: Reaching the Next Generation of Decision Makers.”

Millennials are now 50% of the workforce and 73% of those are involved in B2B executive decisions. Gen Z, which outnumbers Millennials, is starting to enter the workforce and the differences between the two generations are significant.

To compete and win in the decade ahead, companies must find new ways to reach, engage and convert the next generation of clients and employees. A/E/C firms that intentionally shift their marketing and business development strategies to cater to the new decision-makers’ mindset and preferences will outperform their competition.

The session helps create a roadmap for how to prepare for, and conquer, this next marketing frontier!

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Ida Cheinman

Download “From Millennials to Gen Z: Reaching the Next Generation of Decision Makers” presentation slides.

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