Is your company considering a rebrand, but you are not sure where to start? Whether you’re just thinking about it or already in the very early planning stages, our roadmap will help you better understand the process and give you the tools to navigate it with confidence.

Leading Your Next Rebrand: A Strategic Marketer’s Roadmap

Stop 1: Brand Audit

The first stop on the rebranding roadmap is a brand audit. This will help you assess the current situation, determine the degree of change required and develop research-based insight to guide the entire rebranding process.

A brand audit can also serve as a diagnostic tool. If you’re not sure whether you need a full rebrand or a brand refresh or whether now is the right time, use the brand audit to help answer these and many other questions and develop an action plan.

Get the actionable insight you need for an effective rebrand: A Step-By-Step Guide to Conducting a Brand Audit.

 Stop 2: Brand Strategy

It’s tempting to rush into tactical deliverables. But even if you waited too long to update your visual identity and marketing materials, now is not the time to cut corners. For the rebrand to achieve meaningful outcomes and for the new brand to become a high-value business asset, you must lead with a clearly defined strategy. This pivotal stop on the rebranding roadmap will also set an objective framework for all tactical deliverables and future marketing communications.

Dive deeper into the value of brand strategy: Brand Strategy Playbook.

Stop 3: Brand Execution

Even the smartest strategy will fail without equally strong execution. Effectively translating brand strategy into a unique brand identity and engaging brand touchpoints and experiences ensures your brand not only reaches its ideal audiences but also influences their decisions and actions. While every aspect of creative execution matters, the visual impact of your company’s new brand is especially crucial for effective communications.

Understand the risks of sub-par visual branding: The Central Role of Visual Design in Branding.

Stop 4: Brand Rollout

At this point in the process, everyone involved is eager to share the new brand internally and with prospects, clients, industry, media and other stakeholders. But unless you have a strategy and plan for introducing your brand inside and outside the company, it will become diluted faster than you can say, “We’ve rebranded!” Start planning your brand launch early in the rebranding process, allowing adequate time to introduce your new brand with impact.

Propel your brand into action: Brand Launch! How to Execute a Breakthrough Brand Rollout.

Stop 5: Brand Management

The brand launch is just the beginning. Effectively reinforcing, measuring and refining your brand is an ongoing process, not an “event.” For the brand to achieve maximum impact, it should be seen as more than a marketing asset, extending into business strategies, processes, behaviors, culture, actions and communications.

Learn what it takes to manage your brand: A Brand Management Master Class. 

Rebranding Roadmap in Action

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