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Increasing Relevancy and Perceived Value of a Landscape Architecture Firm

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Scope: Brand research and insights, stakeholder interviews and workshops, brand strategy and platform, marketing collateral system and templates, website redesign, content strategy and copywriting, brand rollout strategy and plan, website technical support (ongoing)

Floura Teeter Landscape Architects has grown, expanding its geographic reach and capabilities in key markets. To facilitate further growth and increase the firm’s ability to attract ideal clients and top talent, Floura Teeter engaged Substance151 to strengthen and future-proof its brand.

Key to achieving this was identifying the firm’s most compelling competitive differentiators and value propositions, defining an authentic brand position and refining messaging and marketing communications to project a unified brand voice across all studios and locations.

Brand Research: In Search of Authentic Truth

Beginning with in-depth brand research that include internal input sessions and external stakeholder interviews, ensured that a new brand is developed around Floura Teeter’s larger vision and the critical points of difference and articulated in terms relevant to the firm’s prospects, clients, employees and other key stakeholders.

FTLA brand

Brand Strategy: Bringing the Value to the Forefront

Through insights gained from the brand research process, we recognized the rebrand needed to amplify the value the firm already delivered and express it in a way that would uniquely belong to Floura Teeter.

Floura Teeter Landscape Architects Rebrand

Obstacle to Advantage: Bringing Two Studios Under One Brand

Floura Teeter is uniquely organized as Pathways (transportation projects) and Places (site specific projects) studios. Originally designed to better serve the unique needs of its two separate audiences, Floura Teeter’s teams seamlessly collaborate across studios, creating an environment that fosters higher levels of information exchange, engagement, creativity, design excellence and quality assurance.

Substance151 immediately saw the value of this organizational structure to all clients and developed a messaging framework that allowed Floura Teeter, for the first time ever, to transform what had always been a marketing obstacle into an opportunity to further define the firm’s difference.

FTLA pathways and places USP

Brand Design: Balancing High-Design Aesthetic and Distinct Personality

Armed with the new strategic brand and message platform, we developed a new collateral system and website that carefully balance Floura Teeter’s sophisticated work and the desired brand perception of a confident, highly competent firm with its enthusiastic personality and open, personable culture.

Floura Teeter Landscape Architects Rebrand

Projecting a unified, branded front across all channels and brand touchpoints requires a well-organized, consistent and flexible visual design system that spans all of the firm’s marketing materials – print, digital and more.

Instead of looking at the various collateral components and templates as a series of separate pieces, we recommended developing a unified design system – a highly functional structure that is easily customizable based on the purpose and anticipated output of each piece.

This approach has brought efficiencies into Floura Teeter’s daily marketing operations while making the firm’s communications immediately recognizable to its clients, prospects, partners, current and future employees and other stakeholders.

FTLA proposal covers FTLA collateral project case study FTLA rebrand collateral brochure spread FTLA collateral datasheets project sheets

The new website is fully aligned with the firm’s new brand. We translated the new brand platform into compelling high-level messages and page copy that’s unique and effective and speaks directly to the needs and wants of Floura Teeter’s primary audiences. It has won several design awards, including MarCom and W3 Awards.

FTLA floura teeter web design responsive and mobile

The team at Substance151 expertly guided Floura Teeter through our rebranding and new web redesign project. They helped us focus on our authentic truth and seamlessly translated it into a new brand strategy. I appreciate the leadership and guidance of Ida Cheinman and the Substance151 team and am proud of what we have accomplished together! I would hire them again without hesitation and look forward to the opportunity to do so.

Sara Goins, CPSM, Associate, Director of Marketing, Floura Teeter

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