Agile Marketing: A Path to Smarter, More Effective Marketing

SMPS Build Business Agile Marketing Ida Cheinman

Agile Marketing brings about 130,000,000 results in Google search, and according to recent research from CMG Partners, 87% of CMOs report improved productivity following a transition to Agile.

The pressure to deliver fast, measurable results is mounting and Agile offers a cure. Agile methodology provides a framework for keeping up with the neck-breaking speed and ever-evolving nature of modern marketing.

Rising expectations from clients and firm’s executive leadership call on marketing to do more, move faster, lead digital transformation and customer and employee experience, and position their firms to successfully compete in the 21st-century fast-changing marketplace.

Marketing teams that cut through the hype and master this approach will reap the benefits of agile processes to improve their efficiency and performance, while meeting internal and external customers’ needs, solving business problems and continuously creating (and demonstrating) value.

This session separates the substance from the buzz and the myths from truths, serving as a detailed and practical guide for how to get started and leverage Agile for marketing to go further, faster.

  • Understand the underlining principles of Agile methodology and its application to marketing.
  • Identify key benefits of Agile and areas where it creates the most impact in the marketing department – whether it’s a department of 1 or 100.
  • Create and immediately apply fundamental Agile tools and techniques to the daily life of an A/E/C marketing department.

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