The Hidden Secrets of Branding Done Well

I’m thrilled to be one of the very first guests on Business 3.0, a new podcast series from Eliot Wagonheim which is all about evolving business leadership and helping companies move forward faster.

On “The Hidden Secrets of Branding Done Well” podcast, Eliot and I discuss how so many companies still equate branding with “logo.” And in doing so, they often neglect to consider how their brand aligns with their business goals and the perception – and reputation – they desire to build.

Our conversation took a deep dive into the concept and application of branding well, as well as the consequences of having a weak brand.

Here are just a few of the areas we covered:

  • The relationship between branding and overarching strategic direction
  • The role of branding in avoiding commoditization
  • The impact of branding on business development
  • Why and when to re-examine your brand
  • The elements of a brand platform
  • Translating your brand into all aspects or your organization
  • The role of design in engaging customers

We also discussed the specific steps of the branding process and the value of conducting a brand audit regularly. After all, constantly changing external conditions, emerging audience needs and the evolution of your organization, necessitate a periodic assessment of the strength of your current brand and marketing communications. It is simply essential not to put your brand on “set and forget.”

Building a strong brand is anything but easy – download our Brand Toolbox to assist you with the process.

The best part of the podcast? The opportunity to share my personal “rant” on branding – what makes me passionate about great branding, why it’s an absolute must to do it right and what companies do to ruin their brands that drives me nuts.

To discover the secrets of doing branding well, listen to the podcast here and let me know what you think!

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Building a strong brand is anything but easy. To assist you with the entire process – from conducting your brand audit through rebranding, we’ve developed this Brand Toolbox.