SMPS Webinar: Branding in the Age of Transformation

Ida Cheinman to Present at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) national webinar “Branding in the Age of Transformation: The New Brand Management Playbook”

At the dawn of Digital, many had predicted “the end of branding as we know it” – and while the discipline of branding has changed dramatically in the past decade, having a strong, differentiated and focused brand is more critical than ever before.

Increased competition, commoditization and the speed of change call for brands to become the point of convergence and the catalyst for the alignment of business strategy, customer experience and company culture. This new business and marketing environment requires a different approach to brand building and management.

The view of brands as static symbols is outdated and ineffective – today’s brands are fluid, experiential and always evolving.

  • The old practice of stringent brand guidelines, brand policing and full ownership by companies that created them yields to dramatically different rules of brand governance
  • What does today’s leading professional services brand look like? It’s agile, purpose-driven, relevant, grounded in a firm’s business strategy and steeped in its culture

How do you create such a brand? The session will examine strategies, tools and best practices for:

  • Building a strategic brand foundation – a brand platform – that bridges business strategy and operational functions: business development, marketing, HR and more.
  • Developing a unique and consistent brand voice that remains strong across a multitude of communication channels and devices – merging brand agility and brand consistency for today’s dynamic marketplace.
  • Managing a firm’s brand – from effectively organizing brand and marketing assets to fully integrating the brand into the firm’s culture and its daily operations, behaviors and decision making.
  • Developing a brand-based internal culture through effective engagement, training and education strategies – turning employees into proactive brand
  • Creating a brand-based customer experience – today’s top differentiator and a weapon against commoditization.

To register for the Branding in the Age of Transformation: The New Brand Management Playbook webinar, visit the SMPS website.