SMPS Virginia: Brand Engagement 4.0

Ida Cheinman to Present at the SMPS Virginia’s March Educational Program – Brand Engagement 4.0: The Era of Human Connections

We’ve all heard this a million times: companies don’t do business with companies – people do business with people. What’s more, we all want to do business with people we like and trust.

Business relationships are not that different from any other human relationship – they require trust, mutual likability and a lot of work. And while the era of martini lunches is far behind us, the primary focus of today’s professional services marketing remains the same – engaging and connecting with customers and maintaining meaningful relationships between opportunities and for the long haul.

Branding with humans in mind is critical to cultivating internal and external brand champions, giving all stakeholders the vision, structure and motivation to turn a brand into action. It’s the essential ingredient in creating engaging, trusted brands that everyone wants to work with and to work for.

How can A/E/C firms better engage their audiences and ensure they stay engaged – evolving from prospects to loyal, lifelong customers and the firm’s most outspoken advocates? How can they ensure that their brands attract, engage and retain top talent?

As a marketing leader, you can’t always control human behavior, but you can consider how your marketing communications (the expressions of your brand’s personality and its behavior) affect the “likability” of your brand – and your firm.

The program will examine the most effective marketing strategies and techniques for humanizing professional services brands – with the goal of creating advocates within and outside of the firm, increasing brand visibility and loyalty and bringing more exciting “ideal” projects through the door.