SMPS Central PA “The New Integrated Marketing for Professional Services”

Ida Cheinman will present at the SMPS Central PA’s February educational program.

In the past, marketers had full control over when, where, and how to introduce our clients and prospects to our brand and what they’d do next. We laid out our advertising breadcrumbs, and our prospects followed the trail. And it was a clear communication path – from us to them.

Today, one-way communication is behind us, and most professional services brands have fully entered this brave new multi-disciplined, multi-channel, multi-dimensional, complicated world. We know it’s imperative to use many channels to engage our audiences, because we see our audiences engaged across many channels. We’re tweeting, posting, connecting, composing, linking, liking, sharing, following, and pinning our way to… where? This session will help AEC marketers compete and conquer by mapping out the way from “controlled” to “compelling.”

We will look at today’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) model and the ways AEC firms can take advantage of new marketing channels, technologies, and today’s communications culture and marketing environment.