Rebranding the Role of AEC Marketers: AEC Marketeer Podcast

Ida Cheinman and the AEC Marketeer podcast host Keelin Cox discuss why AEC marketers should rebrand their roles and create a new value proposition for marketing in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry.

Consider today’s business leaders’ top priorities for driving growth – Customer and Employee Experience, Digital Transformation, Brand and Culture – marketing is at the center of all of these things. Or it should be.

The events of 2020 have already made many firms see marketing as the driving force behind the necessary change. As executive leadership realized the critical importance of their firm’s digital footprint, followed by the unfamiliar challenges of remote work and virtual business development, they had to rely on marketing teams to lead the way in making their firms stay competitive.

This created an opportunity for marketing to grow its influence and drive change. However, one of the challenges for AEC marketers is that in many firms, marketing’s role is often seen as a production department – executors of things as opposed to strategic leaders.

To increase its scope and influence, marketing needs to redefine its value proposition. More precisely, AEC marketing needs a rebrand!

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