Maximizing a Milestone Moment for a Healthcare Built Environment Association

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Scope: Brand Research and Insights; Messaging and Mission Statement; Visual Identity, Brand Language and Brand Book; Chapter Marketing Templates/Toolkits and Brand Training; Rollout Campaign Strategy, Plan and Creative; Launch and Post-Launch Communications

The Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP) was founded to bring together owners and AEC/CRE professionals in the healthcare built environment. With new chapters rapidly forming and new strategic initiatives ready to launch, AMFP approached Substance151 to update its mission and visual identity and establish a consistent brand standard at the national and chapter levels.

From moment one, we knew we were in excellent hands. Ida worked closely and methodically with our AMFP core team, and several other key participants throughout the organization, to take us step by step through the process.


We began the process with in-depth discovery to ensure that the new mission and visual identity represent and amplify the brand qualities and values that make AMFP unique. The new brand language we developed grew out of a rigorous research and analysis process and our methodology for turning this information into strategic insight.

Insight and Strategy

Through conversations with leadership, stakeholder input and analysis of AMFP’s current messaging, Substance151 recognized that the association needed to reframe how it thought about and communicated its value and impact.

We also saw the opportunity to use the rollout campaign as an exciting messaging platform for talking about the broader vision for “the future of AMFP” and ensuring that the new identity and mission would be seen as more than a cosmetic change.

AMFP brand language

Creative Development

New AMFP Mission

To be the hub where healthcare built environment leaders share ideas, gain knowledge, solve challenges, connect with peers, and shape the future of the industry.

AMFP’s all-inclusive role, its passion for advancing the industry and the impact that AMFP creates as a result are the key differentiators for the organization and are central to the new mission statement, messages and creative strategy.

  • The word “hub” is all-encompassing and fits the future-forward nature of the AMFP brand and personality. The concept of a hub also offers endless possibilities for creative uses.
  • The new mission statement presents AMFP as an organization of leaders – leading the industry into what’s next for the healthcare built environment.
  • Also it clearly states the value of the organization – the value to its members and the industry. AMFP’s value proposition to its members and future leaders is at the core of its mission: if you want to play a role in shaping the future of your industry, AMFP is THE place to do it.

Brand Identity and Language

We distilled the AMFP brand into a set of guiding attributes that shape AMFP’s brand personality, tone of voice, high-level messages and visual communications. The new mission, messages and visual identity fully align with who AMFP is and what makes the organization different. The new design aesthetic balances the credibility and confidence of an established, leading organization with AMFP’s commitment to being open, progressive, and fresh.

AMFP brand personality AMFP brand typographic design
  • AMFP new logo
  • AMFP chapter new logos
  • amfp new logo design
  • amfp new logo design
amfp rebrand colors amfp brand typography AMFP new logo design AMFP buttons design amfp busines cards design

Developing the Right Tools: Chapter Marketing Toolkits

To help AMFP promote brand consistency – while making it easier for volunteer-run chapters to manage their communications more effectively and efficiently – we developed turnkey marketing communications and design templates (print, event, digital, social, etc.) for AMFP national and chapter ongoing marketing.

As part of the rollout campaign, we provided training for AMFP’s PR/communications leaders and chapter volunteers and delivered a 40-page detailed brand manual.

AMFP social media events template AMFP social media design templates AMFP social media design templates instagram AMFP tradeshow banners AMFP branded t-shirts

Rollout Campaign

To build shared vision among the AMFP leadership, align all internal and external audiences around its growth strategies, and communicate the mission and identity refresh as an exciting next evolutionarily step, we developed a multichannel rollout campaign for introducing the “new AMFP,” as well as a long-term strategy for extending the initial campaign into an ongoing marketing program.

Campaign Theme

Building on the new future-focused, impact-driven mission, Substance151 developed the campaign around the theme of “Into the Future” – a theme that supports the association’s growth goals and conveys that AMFP is at a significant milestone in its trajectory.

The theme tied together all campaign messages and communications and created a strong, on-brand foundation to unify post-launch and ongoing marketing.

Campaign Execution

Substance151 developed a rollout timeline and launch communications to ensure a cohesive and unified marketing effort.

The rollout campaign strategy centered around creating a member-led evolution (as opposed to a change handed down by national) – it challenged, inspired and motivated chapter leaders and members alike to take AMFP “Into the Future” in tangible ways.

To bring this strategy to life, we recommended that AMFP national host an “Into the Future” event for chapter leaders. We wanted to create excitement about the future of AMFP and to align and prepare chapter leaders to share the future with their members, sponsors, partners, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Guiding the association in introducing the “new AMFP” to members and empowering them to “lead the movement into the future” helped build a thriving member community of active champions across all chapters in support of AMFP’s growth.

Pre-Launch Teaser Campaign (Old Branding)

AMFP brand launch social media campaign

Public Brand Launch Campaign

AMFP brand launch social media campaign

Into the Future

To extend the value of the rollout campaign and help AMFP translate the core tenets of the “Into the Future” theme into ongoing, long-term marketing messages and activities, we also developed recommendations for AMFP’s marketing beyond the launch.

By building stories around the “Into the Future” theme and providing proof points of how AMFP is leading the healthcare built environment industry forward, the organization can continue building momentum toward achieving its strategic objectives.

Working with Ida Cheinman and Substance151 was a dream. We could not be more pleased with the process and the results. I speak on behalf of the AMFP National Board of Directors and also as Chapter President of the NYC Chapter – thank you, Substance151, for helping take our organization to the next level.

Andrew Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM, AMFP National Director of Chapter Development, AMFP NYC Founding President