Do You Have a Plan for Your Brand?

Brand Strategy Playbook

Brand Strategy Playbook

Change, disruption, increased competition and commoditization present huge obstacles for many companies. They also present opportunities for companies that understand how to stand out from the pack by leveraging the value of their most essential business asset – their brand.

However, achieving a higher brand value is inextricably tied to a company’s ability to take full control of its brand. And like anything worth achieving in business, gaining that control requires an intentional approach and a sound plan.

Specifically, a well-conceived brand strategy.

But what exactly is brand strategy and how can it enable your company to seize opportunities that your competitors can’t?

Find out in this two-part series designed to put business leaders and marketing teams into the driver’s seat when it comes to developing, activating and managing their brand.

Part 1: How to Take Control of Your Brand

Brand Strategy Playbook How-To Guide

Numerous reports from sources such as The Economist and McKinsey & Company show that companies with more valued brands do better in sales, market share and stock performance.

However, to maximize your brand’s value, you have to start with a strong foundation that puts your company in control of its brand. You need a clear sense of purpose, highly differentiated positioning, distinct promise, relevant value proposition and more – all of which can only be achieved with a well-conceived brand strategy.

Put your company in the driver’s seat with the Brand Strategy Playbook!

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2: The High-Value Impact of Leading with Brand Strategy

The High-Value Impact of Leading with Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the plan for propelling your brand into action. It’s the key to achieving the more impactful outcomes of great branding – those that go beyond increasing awareness and controlling perceptions.

Rather than merely guiding the brand development (the importance of which cannot be understated!), brand strategy also masterminds its activation and management – from launching the brand in a powerful way to maintaining its integrity over time to leading its continuous evolution.

Learn how a thorough, thoughtful and effective brand strategy can create the most high-value impact for your company – and propel your brand into action – with The High-Value Impact of Leading with Brand Strategy!

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