What Would a Marketing Olympics Look Like?

marketing olympics

Most of us will never compete in the Olympics. But that doesn’t mean what we do every day isn’t worthy of a Gold medal. Find out what the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat looks like with our mock Winter Marketing Olympics.

Winter Marketing Olympics

Brand-athlon: Engaging marketing starts with a strong brand platform. Without that foundation, organizations are left with no clear focus and communications invariable become unclear and inconsistent over time. In this Marketing Olympics event, competitors work in teams to create a complete brand platform, including brand position, brand promise, brand essence, brand values, and value proposition against the clock (as though having a deadline was somehow unusual). The team with the most differentiating brand platform wins.

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Logo Luge: The logo is often the first expression of the brand platform. In this Marketing Olympics event, competitors must design a logo that communicates that essence of the brand. After all, once a strong brand platform is in place, the rest of marketing communications, just like in luge, is simply about hanging on tight.

Cross-Channel Messaging: Today’s integrated marketing communications requires connecting with target audiences on multiple channels. But with every channel having its own personality and culture (think Facebook vs. LinkedIn), messaging can get tricky. In this Marketing Olympics event, competitors develop an integrated communications campaign, adjusting the brand’s message, style and tone in order to create a stronger alignment with each channel and its users.

Curling with Communications: It is the marketer’s job to make sure that communications programs run smoothly. In this Marketing Olympics event, competitors work hard to sweep away obstacles that might otherwise prevent their brands from getting optimal results. Marketers are scored on how well they manage the schedule and budget, how fast they respond to challenges and, ultimately, whether or not the strategies they choose impede the brand’s progress or fast forward it.

Short-Track Speed Marketing: Marketing needs to be measured. Otherwise, how do you know what’s working and where to invest resources? In this Marketing Olympics event, results must be demonstrated in just a few short laps. Competitors select the metrics they will measure based on their objectives, analyze those metrics at regular intervals and determine strategic and tactical adjustments for even greater results.

As a branding and marketing firm, Substance151 helps its clients compete in the marketplace every single day. So, while there never will be a real Marketing Olympics, our goal is always to bring you the gold.

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