Is Your Marketing Vision 20/20?

Is your marketing vision 2020

A decade ago, we started planning for the year 2020. Today, we look back to evaluate how closely our Vision 2020 matches the reality and optimistically plan forward for the next decade.

Whether or not we can truly predict the next big change, one thing is clear: the world will continue to evolve at neck-breaking speed, creating an ever-greater opportunity for marketing to influence business outcomes.

To leverage the speed of change to propel their companies into the future, leadership and marketing have to maintain a laser-sharp focus and have a clear vision, separating transformative strategies from the next shiny thing.

What holds true in the always-evolving business and marketing environment? What processes do you need to implement today to enable your company to react and pivot fast? What disciplines and skillsets do you need in-house? Find ways to structure and staff your marketing function so that it can react quickly and adapt to the always changing environment and audiences’ expectations.

To help you sharpen your focus, separate substance from hype and develop a clear vision, we’ve put together this list of articles and resources.

Lead with the Brand. Always.

Everything in marketing still starts with the brand. But today, brands live by new rules and brand development, design and management call for a different playbook.

The New Rules of Branding
The New Brand Strategy Playbook
A Brand Management Master Class
Calculating the ROI of Branding

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Master the Experience

“The Amazon Effect” is real and it affects B2B as much as B2C. Why do leading companies, such as Amazon, Apple and Zappos, have such a level of influence, setting the expectations bar extremely high? It’s simple: they put customer at the center of every strategy, decision and experience.

How do you make your customers’ lives better and easier? The answer to this question should guide everything your company does.

Get Under Your Customers’ Skin – Deep Dive into Customer Research
Marketing’s New Role: The Master of Experience

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Don’t Let Your Website Hold You Back

The way clients find, research and select companies has changed – online research has become the number one source for making informed decisions.

We all have heard the statistic that prospects are 67% through their decision before they even consider contacting your company. Additionally, studies show that the next generations of customers prioritize online sources (your website, online searches, content and social media) over advice from a company representative or a sales professional when making their decisions.

Your company can no longer afford to have a glorified online brochure that provides relatively current and somewhat relevant information. Your website must attract, engage and convert. It must answer questions and provide the right information to the right visitors at the right time in their decision-making process.

Your Ultimate Website Redesign Planning Guide
Are You Building the Right Website?
How to Take Control of Your Next Website Redesign

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What Else Should Be in Your View?

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