Mastering LinkedIn For Professional Services Marketing

LinkedIn has long become one of the most powerful business tools for 21st-century brand building, professional networking, lead generation, and more. Yet, for many professional services firms, it’s often underutilized or misused.

In today’s changed marketplace, with all in-person meetings and events indefinitely on hold, mastering the “how” of using LinkedIn is essential for moving your firm’s marketing and business development forward. When your seller-doers and business development teams cannot go out and do what they traditionally have done – go for coffee, attend conferences, always be in front of prospects and clients, LinkedIn is even more powerful.

So if you haven’t been leveraging this platform – as an individual or a firm, there’s no time like the present! Use the time you would normally spend doing in-person prospecting and networking to do the same activities on LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn, you still can:

  • Reinforce your firm’s brand, increase its visibility and reach and remain top of mind
  • Expand your professional network, generate leads and build relationships
  • Establish an expert position, promote thought leadership and become a valuable resource for your prospects, clients and partners

This session will help you master LinkedIn – for good times or bad. We will cover:

  • The must-haves of an optimum LinkedIn profile
  • Tips for improving your firm’s company page
  • LinkedIn etiquette
  • How to strategically identify and make connections, nurture leads, and build relationships
  • LinkedIn content strategies for prospecting and ongoing engagement

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