SMPS “UBER” Conference: Branded Customer Experience

Ida Cheinman to Present “Branded Customer Experience: How to Stand Out in Commodity Categories” at the SMPS Northeast Regional Conference (UBER)

As marketers, we often talk about customer experience and yet there are so very few A/E/C brands that excel in this area. Why is that?

Identified as one of the top marketing trends of 2017, a thoughtfully designed customer experience can amplify marketing and sales efforts and give your firm a competitive advantage at every stage of the buying cycle.

Yet, many firms think about customer experience in very broad, generic terms and they don’t consider the brand’s central role in shaping it. Even firms with the strongest brands often stop short of providing engaging, 100% on-brand experience across the entire client lifecycle.

What creates raving fans, off-the-charts loyalty and repeat business and referrals is a customer experience that stands out in a way that’s in direct alignment with your firm’s most defining characteristic – its brand.

This program will examine the typical customer experience in professional services firms and help uncover the category conventions that only further breed commoditization. It will challenge attendees to redefine their approach to customer experience and to use customer journey mapping to become more brand-driven and client-centric in order to create and better maintain long-term relationships.

Combining marketing insights with best practices, forward looking strategies, practical takeaways and examples, the session is sure to inspire attendees to walk away thinking “Can’t wait to get started!”

The SMPS ÜBER Regional Conference brings together nine SMPS chapters – from Maine to Virginia – to provide education, networking and business development opportunities for more than 1000 members and their firms.

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What Attendees Say

Knowledgeable, relevant. Useful information I will definitely try to implement.

Interactive. Timely. Organized.

Not only were questions answered I got information on things I didn’t think about.