Ida Cheinman Cited in the Engineering News-Record Column on A/E/C Branding

A/E/C firms are finally discovering the importance of branding; however, too many firms don’t really understand what a brand is! The latest Engineering News-Record ‪post written by Scott Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, VP of JDB Engineering features perspectives on branding from four seasoned ‪SMPS‬ members and branding and marketing professionals.

Ida Cheinman, Substance151 principal and creative director, was quoted to say: “Commoditization is an ever-growing problem for A/E/C firms – and for professional services firms in general. A compelling and differentiating brand is your first line of defense against being perceived as indistinguishable from everybody else. It’s the branding expert’s job to help a company push their brand beyond category conventions so that it communicates true and unique value.”

For all that a brand – or branding is – there are things that it is not. The column featured the Substance151 Brand Toolbox, which outline a number of branding pitfalls that challenge firms:

• Thinking your brand is your logo
• Building a brand that can’t achieve your business goals
• Believing your brand only lives in your marketing
• Setting and forgetting your brand – for decades
• Not putting yourself in your audiences shoes
• Being too humble

Read the entire ENR article The Importance of Brand in the A/E/C Industry: How branding can differentiate your firm, help attract new clients and recruit new talent.

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