Ida Cheinman Returns to Speak at the Amplify AEC – SMPS National Conference

Substance151 Principal and Creative Director, Ida Cheinman, is returning to speak at this year’s Amplify A|E|C in Austin, TX. She will be presenting two sessions – “Rethinking Thought Leadership for Today’s Customer Journey” during the live conference on Wednesday, August 9 and “The Big Brand Rethink: Your Brand as Your Firm’s Operating System” as part of the Amplify A|E|C virtual experience.

Rethinking Thought Leadership for Today’s Customer Journey

Research shows that the vast majority of decision makers within your client organizations rely on thought leadership to assess your firm’s innovative thinking, expertise in their specific issues, and the quality of your talent – all long before the formal selection process begins.

And yet, your current thought leadership program is unlikely to create a sustained competitive advantage for your firm. Wait! What?!

With more and more firms publishing more and more smart, high-quality content, your prospects are overwhelmed and overeducated. What started as a top differentiator has led to a crisis of sameness among firms and a lack of confidence in making the right decision among customers.

We are at the tipping point of redefining what the next phase of thought leadership could look like. And the first to figure it out will get a competitive advantage.

The session will introduce new approaches designed to enable your firm to help its prospects navigate their complex decision-making process with tailored, highly personalized information and insight. By thinking beyond content and formats and learning how to uncover what your prospects really need and value, you will lead them to take action with confidence – and in the process, make your firm indispensable.

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The Big Brand Rethink: Your Brand as Your Firm’s Operating System

Innovation, disruption, hyper-competitive red oceans, the emergence of marketing technologies, shifting demographics and customer expectations, and more have forced AEC firms to rethink what it takes to compete and win business.

Yet, not much has changed in the way most firms think about their brands – static collections of images, messages and marketing assets. It’s time to join today’s leading companies that redefined the role of the brand, propelling massive change and growth – inside and out.

What makes these companies different? They understand that a brand is not what you say but what you do. They see the brand as everyone’s responsibility, not just the job of the marketing department. In short, they see the brand not as a marketing asset but as an operating system.

Brand as an operating system galvanizes people and superpowers talent recruitment, employee engagement, customer experience, innovation, and more.

This program is designed to provide attendees with an actionable framework for developing a cohesive set of beliefs and principles that align business strategy and systems, people and processes, performance and purpose, brand and culture, and create a sustained competitive advantage for their firms.

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About THE AMPLIFY A|E|C Experience

Hosted by the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Amplify A|E|C is the industry’s premier marketing, business development, and leadership conference for design and building industry professionals.