SMPS Heartland Regional Conference: The End of Digital

Ida Cheinman Will Present “The End of Digital” at the SMPS Heartland Regional Conference in Pittsburgh

We live and work in a fully integrated world. So do our clients and colleagues. Yet in marketing, there is still a tendency to separate all things digital – a viewpoint that’s becoming increasingly costly, both in tangible bottom-line costs and lost opportunities.

First, it creates operational and financial inefficiencies – overlap of roles, duplicated efforts, wasted time and dollars.

What’s even worse is that when marketing strategies are implemented in silos, it results in a fragmented message, inconsistent image, confused audiences, and overall significantly reduced impact of your firm’s communications.

By any measure, this is bad marketing!

Today, synergy between data, content and channels is a must and this presentation will show why we can no longer separate traditional and digital, and instead need to start thinking of both as just marketing. It will challenge attendees to become visionary marketing leaders, equipped with the knowledge and tools to forever change the way their firms see and do marketing.

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What Attendees Say

This woman should be the voice for our industry! Can I take her back with me?

She was very interactive and was a great presenter.

Incredible presentation. Good information – relevant and thought provoking.

Very fascinating and well presented. High-level aspirational topics made accessible.

The presentation really opened my mind to different solutions for problems we see in our marketing department. She is very knowledgeable.