Ida Cheinman to Moderate “Brands in Action” for SMPS DC

On March 16, 2017 Ida Cheinman will be moderating an SMPS DC lunch panel titled “Brands in Action.”

So much energy and resources go into brand development that at the end many companies find them selves out steam and ready to take a break from it all. And so, they go into a passive “maintenance” mode and the details of how to actually embed the brand in the business becomes “something to think about later.”

However, this is a huge problem. Because unless you have a strategy for how you make your brand real in the world and within the company, all your hard work during rebrand can fall apart faster than you can say “we’ve rebranded.”

So, what does it mean to live your brand? It means that everything you do as a company has to go back to who you are and what your brand stands for.

To make your brand real, you have to have full internal buy-in – your employees can be your greatest brand ambassadors, and you need to intentionally budget time and resources for continued brand governance, education and management.

During this lunch program, you’ll hear from four local firms about how they are building meaningful brands. Senior leaders from Hickok Cole, Ballston BID, Streetsense and Substance151 will share insights on how to create brands that influence our community, create brand believers, and ultimately drive revenue.