SMPS Philly “How to Market Green When Everyone Else Is”

Ida Cheinman will present at the SMPS Philadelphia’s March educational program.

“Green” marketing presents unique challenges. Although sustainability has become both a corporate responsibility and a mainstream practice, marketing sustainability remains a hot and often confusing topic.

51% of A/E/C firms plan for more than 60% of their work to be green by 2016 and 56% business executives (which includes your clients) say they are very or extremely committed to sustainable business practices.

While just a few years ago environmentally and socially responsible business practices were “nice-to-have,” today, they more and more expected. Marketing your firm’s sustainability efforts creates a competitive advantage in several critical areas: brand building, business development and employee recruitment and retention.

The session will cover marketing strategies and best practices; provide guidelines for avoiding greenwashing; and discuss how to leverage key communications channels – traditional and digital – to tell your firm’s story in a way that resonates with your audiences and benefits your bottom line.

The program will address:

  • Why marketing sustainability achievements matters
  • How to create brand differentiation by integrating sustainability into your overall marketing strategy
  • How to communicate a meaningful, compelling and consistent sustainability message through an integrated marketing program across all media
  • What greenwashing is; why it’s dangerous for any marketer/brand; and how to tell your sustainability story with integrity and proof in order to avoid greenwash
  • How to use sustainability as a recruitment tool
  • And more