Ida Cheinman Presents: “Does Your Marketing Omnichannel?”

Omnichannel Marketing – What’s All the Hype?

Ida Cheinman, Substance151 Principal and Creative Director, will present on Omnichannel marketing at the next SMPS Central PA educational program.

Omnichannel marketing remains one of the hottest and often confusing topics, but it’s also a model that promises to fundamentally change the way professional services firms do marketing.

In the world where everything starts online and 67% of the buyer journey is completed prior to the first contact with your firm, empowered B2B buyers demand customer-centric and fully seamless experience, regardless of the channel, location or device.

In order to adapt to these changing realities of firm-2-customer relationships, A/E/C firms must be able to provide fully connected and contextually relevant omnichannel experience – designed with the customer at the center.

But where do you start with this new approach that spans technology, marketing, company structure, internal culture and more? This session will demystify the concept of omnichannel by breaking it down into a series of practical concepts and showing how to incorporate omnichannel marketing into strategy, planning and the daily operations of your A/E/C firm.

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