CXps Conference: Brand vs. Customer – the Right Balance for a Better Experience

Ida Cheinman to Present at the CXps (Client Experience for Professional Services) Conference

Professional services industries are faced with the new post-digital reality. As the lines between products, services, environments and industry categories continue to blur, leading firms are looking to transcend traditional B2B boundaries in the service of creating a better experience.

In the past, the primary focus in professional services marketing was on achieving visibility and consistency of brand message and design. Today, brands are defined by well-designed experiences shifting the focus to client centricity and brand relevance.

Finding the right balance between the brand’s and the customer’s needs will directly impact firms’ ability to build new businesses and successfully compete in the decade ahead.

The presentation will show how to use design-led thinking, user research and feedback, context marketing and agile branding to bring together both sides of the equation in order to create unmatched customer experiences where every interaction not only addresses customers’ needs but also amplifies the value of the firm’s brand.

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Client Experience in Professional Services, #CXps, is where innovators and leaders responsible for designing and implementing client experience strategies for their firms meet, get inspired, and strategize for 2018 and beyond. The conference takes place May 21–23, 2018 in Durham, North Carolina. For more information, visit