Bohler: Helping an Ambitious Brand Realize Its Purpose

Scope of Engagement: Brand Research and Insights, Stakeholder Interviews and Workshops, Brand Strategy and Platform, Visual Identity, Marketing Collateral System and Templates, SEO Strategy, Website Redesign, Social Media Strategy and Plan, Content Strategy and Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Templates, Environmental Design, Copywriting, Culture Branding, Event Branding, Ongoing Marketing Support.

Today’s leading brands have several characteristics in common: they are purpose-driven, relevant, grounded in a company’s business strategy and steeped in its culture.

Bohler’s Purpose: We Empower the Ambitious to Become the Accomplished

Having made a strategic decision to become a purpose-driven organization, Bohler engaged Substance151 in a rebrand to help align brand, purpose and culture; increase visibility, shift perceptions and build awareness in Bohler’s new geographic markets; align its brand and marketing communications with the firm’s corporate goals and priorities; and, ultimately, attract the most ambitious clients and employees to the firm.

Brand Research and Strategy

Substance151 facilitated several input sessions and workshops with internal stakeholders – Bohler’s executive leadership, regional managers and employees; analyzed the competitive landscape; and interviewed Bohler’s most ambitious prospective and current clients to find out what Bohler needs to do to empower them to become the accomplished.

bohler brand strategy

Analyzing all data collected through brand research and turning that information into strategic insight, we determined that a very real need exists for engineering firms to see things from the developer’s perspective.

Bohler’s ideal clients – those who are most ambitious – need to figure out the future if they are going to survive and thrive in the always-changing environment.

As Bohler customers’ needs evolve, the need to think ahead and to realize opportunities that make them “accomplished” will remain a constant.

And to continually evolve and meet the new challenges, Bohler’s customers need a partner that can help them think ahead:

A partner who understands their evolving needs and can look at the total long-term partnership, beyond the narrow scope of a project at hand.

Capitalizing on our brand and customer research, we developed a brand strategy that sets a framework for further defining what the Bohler brand needs to do, say and become in order to strategically shape customer perceptions, attract “ideal” clients and talent and to create differentiation and relevance in the marketplace.

Brand Platform

The new brand platform fully aligns with Bohler’s purpose and makes it more meaningful and tangible for both clients and employees.

  • bohler brand positioning
  • bohler brand promise
  • bohler brand personality
  • bohler brand essence

Stemming from the bold purpose “we empower the ambitious to become the accomplished,” the new brand and all of its expressions are equally bold, distinct and memorable.

Brand Expressions

Dropping “engineering” from the firm’s name reflects its ever-expanding scope of services in response to clients’ and real estate development industry’s evolving needs. It’s also symbolic of Bohler’s role that expands far beyond what’s perceived as the traditional “engineer.”

Case Study: Bohler


Century’s collateral needs are very diverse – from high-end professionally printed overview pieces to proposals that are output in-house to miscellaneous print and digital templates.
Our approach was to develop new collateral architecture, bringing clarity and efficiency to the firm’s collateral management. We then designed a modular design system that can be used to create an unlimited number of multi-purpose pieces in the future, while maintaining the overall visual consistency across disciplines, offices and geographies.

This flexibility enables Century to address its diverse communication needs, as well as specific requirements for each business unit, and to do so efficiently and cost-effectively, while reinforcing the overall brand.

bohler new logo bohler collateral overview brochure bohler collateral overview brochure

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