"New Rules of Branding" – Additional Resources

The discipline of branding has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Discover the New Rules of Branding and make sure your company doesn’t miss out on the advantages that stem directly from a brand that’s current and built to compete in today’s marketplace.

Brand Rule 1: Audit Annually

Additional Resources:

Step-By-Step Guide to Conducting a Brand Audit (free e-guide download)
10 Must-Ask Questions for Brand Evolution
Brand Strategy Playbook
Do You Understand the Anatomy of Your Brand?

Brand Rule 2: Lead With Purpose

Additional Resources:

The Bigger Truth About Purpose-Led Brands
Brand Purpose Is the New Brand Promise

Brand Rule 3: Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

Additional Resources:

What You Don’t Know Can Kill Your Brand: Deep Dive into Customer Research
Beyond Data: Your Ultimate Guide to Better Customer Research (free e-guide download)

Brand Rule 4: Get Serious About Competitor Intel

Additional Resources:

Knowledge Is Revenue: How to Conduct Killer Competitor Research
Go Behind the Scenes: Apps for Better Competitive Intel

Brand Rule 5: Focus on Customer

Additional Resources:

Branded Customer Experience: Attract, Engage and Win
Marketing’s New Role: The Master of Experience
Download Tips For Creating Better Buyer Personas

Brand Rule 6: Measure What Matters

Additional Resources:

Calculating the ROI of Branding: How to Use Brand KPIs to Strengthen Your Business Performance

Brand Rule 7: Design Matters

Additional Resources:

The Central Role of Visual Design in Branding
Is Your Story Showing Your Brand’s Value?

Brand Rule 8: Rethink Brand Management

Additional Resources:

Branding Evolved: The New Brand Management Manifesto
A Brand Management Master Class

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