Brand-Based Culture: Your Real Competitive Advantage

Culture has gotten a lot of play lately – and deservingly so, as we all are beginning to recognize its vital role in any transformative change within organizations.

The benefits of having a strong culture extend far beyond the increased effectiveness of employee recruitment programs or reduced costs of employee turnover. Engaged employees translate into increased motivation and productivity, higher quality of work and better customer experience – just to name a few.

But creating and sustaining great corporate cultures is not easy. It requires an intentional, disciplined and ongoing effort to master the alignment of business strategy, brand and employee experience.

For some firms this will require a significant behavioral and operational shift – breaking down internal silos, improving employee engagement and investing in more effective systems and processes for collecting employee feedback.

It will require changing the view of brands as collections of logos, taglines and websites that are “handled” by Marketing and looking at your firm’s brand as a strategic platform that guides and aligns everything you do.

It will require a better understanding of your ideal employee persona and creating an employee experience that’s authentic and relevant.

And it requires an alignment between employee and customer experience. If the culture is built around one thing and the customer experience strategy calls for something else, the culture, no matter how great in itself, will ultimately hold you back from achieving your business goals.

In professional services, we are only as good as our people. Isn’t it time we rethink the role of a distinct, engaging, on-brand culture in gaining a sustained competitive advantage in the 21st-century fast-changing marketplace?

Join Ida Cheinman at several upcoming conferences (or invite her to present to your company or industry organization) and join the ranks of many of the world’s best companies that attribute their business success to having a strong values-based, on-brand culture.