SMPS Virginia “Managing Your Firm’s Website Redesign”

This program demystifies one of the most involved and expensive marketing endeavors an A/E/C firm can undertake (and the one that could create the greatest positive impact on your overall marketing efforts) – a website redesign.

We will discuss what it takes to successfully navigate your firm through the process: what to look for before and during the redesign; how to set goals and manage expectations; how to bring together strategy, design and technology to ensure the end result meets your firm’s current and future needs; and how to measure success.

Knowing the right questions to ask at the onset of the project and understanding what must happen “behind the scenes” will keep your team on track and your soon-to-be new website on the road to exceptional. Equally as important, it will make a monumental difference in your credibility and the perceived value you bring to the firm.

The program will cover all aspects of the website redesign process, including:

  • What are today’s industry standards and best practices in website design and development?
  • How often should your firm redesign its website and what are some of the reasons?
  • What are the key phases in the web redesign process?
  • Who should be on the “web team” and how big your web team should be?
  • Outsource vs. in-house?
  • What steps should you take internally before hiring a consultant to ensure a smooth and efficient process?
  • Creating a budget and establishing implementation priorities.
  • Putting together a meaningful web redesign RFP.
  • CMS, Mobile/Responsive, SEO, Marketing Automation and other web-related technologies.
  • Trends that will shape your next redesign.

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