5 Things Marketers Should Not Do on Earth Day

things marketers should not do on earth day

Carpooling to work. Taking shorter showers. Recycling your recyclables. We all know there are countless activities we all can – and should – do in support of the planet and in honor of Earth Day, especially.

So, to save you from an email the length of your arm, we’re zeroing in on our own area of expertise by sharing five faux pas you just don’t want to make as a marketer on April 22nd, or any other day for that matter.

If you’re a marketer, Earth Day is not the day to:

  1. Print 5000 copies of your company’s brochure and then have your proofreader take one final look.
  2. Allow your six-person team to drive to a customer meeting in six separate cars.
  3. Snail mail a printed version of your company’s blog to your top 50 prospects.
  4. Celebrate the success of your recent advertising campaign by releasing a truckload of logo-imprinted helium balloons.
  5. Believe that tradeshow attendees won’t recall meeting you unless they leave your booth with a pen, and a notebook, and a button, and a cap, and your overview brochure, and all your product brochures, and your pricing sheet and, well, you get the point.

Substance151 wishes you and your company a happy Earth Day. May April 22nd be the start of less waste and more impact in every marketing activity you undertake!