10 Signs That Your Brand’s Relationships Are Going South

This Valentine’s Day, we got to thinking about how alike brand and romantic relationships are – especially when they hit the rocks.

True, your brand is not likely to come home smelling like someone else’s cologne or perfume, but still, bad brand behavior can ruin a potentially great relationship faster than your audience can say, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

So, how can you tell if your brand is headed for a break-up with your audiences?

While our methods of determining this are nowhere near as scientific as, say, a Cosmo Quiz, in honor of February 14th we’re giving it a go.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

10 Signs That Your Brand’s Relationships Are Going South

  • Your brand has a LinkedIn page, but it only has 1 follower – you
  • Your brand sends mixed messages
  • Your brand’s website is just not responsive
  • Your brand is sporting a look from 1984
  • Your brand stops talking for months at a time
  • Your brand’s elevator speech is making people take the stairs
  • Your brand stalks every single person who ever retweets it
  • Your brand says it wants to connect, but none of its links work
  • Your brand has become more than a little inconsistent
  • All your brand talks about is me, me, me